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Intergas exclusively use DeltaV-Seal™

Jo Shailes
Jo Shailes on Case Studies · Mar 26, 2019

Following a highly successful test period, Intergas AS has announced that the DeltaV-Seal has been named as their exclusive seal of choice for all current and future liquefied natural gas operations. As a provider of services such as: LNG & LPG facility construction, control systems, and operation monitoring, Intergas AS understands the tremendous importance of utilizing the DeltaV-Seals unique sealing strengths. Their reliance on components capable of tolerating temperatures fluctuating from scorching, down to -160°C is integral in their operations.

Liquid natural gas

– In pipeline systems for LNG, liquefied natural gas, we now exclusively use DeltaV-Seal as a seal solution

Jacob Stebekk, Sales Manager, InterGas AS

The Risør-based company provides service and monitoring products to large and small gas plants, in various environments both on the mainland, as well as onboard ships. However, regardless of the operating environment it is essential that all operations are leak-free. Any leakage can mean product loss, health concerns, environmental hazards, unplanned shutdowns, or government fines. Sending a team to deal with leakage at a facility is both time consuming and expensive for any company to incur.

– A service call to a location such as the Hammerfest facility would take us between two or three days. These kinds of operations can easily cost NOK 100.000,- (approx. $12.000,-USD), so DeltaV-Seal gives us big savings. Previously, we used other sealing solutions that did not follow the movements of the piping in the same way. We began testing DeltaV-Seal a little over two years ago and we now have switched to using this solution exclusively at all LNG plants.

cryogenic joint

Mr Stebekk highlighted the importance of having a metal seal that is made of the same material as the connecting flanges.

– Since metals contract and expand with changes in temperature, producing the gasket out of the same metal enables the seal and piping to expand or contract in unison, this way we obtain solid pipe connections without leaks.

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