Our mission

At Pipeotech we have committed ourselves to solving one of the most challenging problem in piping. This challenge is addressing the leaking of toxic, polluting, and hazardous compounds that are released from inadequate sealing technology.

in 2012, we began to accomplish our goal, with the development of a revolutionary sealing technology the DeltaV-Seal™. In 2015 it became and remains the world's first type approved gasket, certified by DNV GL and is the world’s only 100% leakproof gasket.

Utilizing a new technology does not necessarily guarantee a competitive advantage or to simplify work, some new products demand users to adapt to the new technology through long-term adaption phases, while other technologies have been developed to adapt users. We think best investments should give a desirable and measurable outcome from day one. The DeltaV-Seal™ is developed to replace Spiral Wound and Kammprofile-gaskets and will help you in achieving your objectives such as: increasing safety, reduce cost, or increasing sustainability.

Our objective is not to have the most state of the art gasket, but to ensure that failures do not result in costly shutdowns, environmental or safety hazards, or add to maintenance costs. Pipeotech - Sealing Your Integrity.

Henrik Sollie, Chief Executive Officer

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Sealing Your Integrity


Zero Emissions


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