Simply leak proof

The DeltaV-Seal is a one-piece, CNC manufactured gasket made from a compatible metal as the flanges it mates with. It boasts three unique, sharp sealing rings that deform on installation, filling any surface irregularities on pipe flanges to form the perfect seal. The seating force required for the material to flow effectively is lower than for any spiral wound gasket. Once placed between the connecting flanges, a permanent static and leak-proof seal is created. Total integrity, complete peace of mind.

Zero deterioration

Gasketed flanged connections found in corrosive sensitive environments such as seawater and hydrocarbon services is subject to corrosion and degradation. The deterioration is caused when you have two dissimilar metals in an assembly that are electrically connected in an electrolyte. With the DeltaV-Seal, galvanic corrosion in the connection is mitigated, as it is manufactured in a compatible material as the mating flanges and the connections are electrically conductive.

Seamless interaction

Fluctuating temperatures force metal flanges and seals to expand and contract. As current ductile seals are not made from the same materials as flanges, these rates of expansion and contraction differ, with the seals eventually dissolving or changing properties over time. DeltaV-Seal is different. Made from a compatible metal as the flange - and certified resistant to vibration, pressure pulses and temperature changes – the seal matches its movement, contracting and expanding in seamless unity and forming an enduring, non-ductile, metal-to-metal partnership. The perfect match.

Install and forget

DeltaV-Seal marks a new beginning for industrial piping. Not only no leaks, but no re-tightening, no disintegration, no blowout or fire risk, and no safety concerns – in other words, no worries.

Revolutionary seal, transformative benefits.

The DeltaV-Seal™ is designed to replace Spiral Wound and Kammprofile gaskets, solving the leak challenge once and for all. The result is instant, compelling and measurable business benefits - for all businesses - with enhanced safety, sustainability and economic performance.

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In pipeline systems for LNG, liquefied natural gas, we now exclusively use DeltaV-Seal. The enhanced reliability of the entire system means less maintenance and unplanned service calls, giving us huge savings.
Jacob Stebekk
Sales Manager, InterGas AS

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