Revolutionary seal, transformative benefits. The DeltaV-Seal is designed to replace Spiral Wound and Kammprofile gaskets, solving the leak challenge once and for all. The result is instant, compelling and measurable business benefits - for all businesses - with enhanced safety, sustainability and economic performance.

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In the past, we experienced many difficulties with leakage on steam systems, so by selecting the DeltaV-Seal we can be sure we are delivering a more reliable vessel to our customers, therefore enhancing our own reputation.
Jonny Morland
Principal Engineer, QA and Standardisation, VARD
In pipeline systems for LNG, liquefied natural gas, we now exclusively use DeltaV-Seal. The enhanced reliability of the entire system means less maintenance and unplanned service calls, giving us huge savings.
Jacob Stebekk
Sales Manager, InterGas AS
‘We used a lot of Teflon and Metaflex gaskets before but switched to DeltaV-Seal when it became clear we could a lot of time and money. Leakages are expensive!'
Lars Petter Sundve
Maintenance Manager, Aass Brewery

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