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ATEX zoning unnecessary with DeltaV-Seal™

Jo Shailes
Jo Shailes on Case Studies · Nov 01, 2021

During final assembly in the factory, cars are filled with fuel before being transported to their final destination. To facilitate this, fuel lines run throughout the facility. However, along the piping route there are potential sources of ignition, which is problematic when traditional seals cause leakage of flammable materials.

The customer is a global car manufacturer, producing over 1.6 million vehicles annually and with a yearly turnover of nearly 50 billion euros. Manufacturing is spread across 12 countries with a current workforce of over 87,000 direct employees. In the factory, there are various sources of potential ignition, including electrical cabinets, along the fuel feed lines. This means that unless potential leakage can be eliminated, then ATEX zoning has to be established, requiring expensive equipment upgrades, new routines and training.

Working with Pipeotech, the DeltaV-Seal was suggested as a potential solution due to its industry leading gas-tight testing and performance. As the DeltaV-Seal fits the criteria of a durable and technically-tight solution in accordance with EN1127-1:2011, ATEX zoning could be removed at the customer's discretion.

After DeltaV-Seal installations, it was possible to remove all ATEX zonings around the pipework for the fuel feed lines. This has saved the customer the costs associated with meeting specialist ATEX equipment standards and has made the customer's workplace a safer environment for its employees

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