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DeltaV-Seal™ prevents leaks and pipe corrosion

Jo Shailes
Jo Shailes on Case Studies · Nov 01, 2021

In district heating and cooling, generic spiral wound gaskets frequently cannot cope with the cyclical temperature conditions and often fail, leading to leakages and corrosion of the pipeline. This causes expensive maintenance and lower overall performance.

The customer is a large distributor of district heating and cooling in the south of Norway with several boilers and distribution hubs at various locations. It uses a combination of renewable energy sources and industrial waste heat to keep apartment and office blocks warm and cold seawater to keep buildings cool. The generic gaskets on the customer's pipeline caused leakage and this seal failure also introduced oxygen from the air into the internal environment, promoting corrosion within the carbon steel piping infrastructure and flanges, which severely reduces the lifespan of the pipeline.

To handle the tough operating conditions involved in district heating, Pipeotech proposed that the customer replaced their spiral wound gaskets with DeltaV-Seal. The all-metal design, compatible with the flange material, provides a connection that expands and contracts in seamless unity during temperature fluctuations.

There have been zero leakages from joints connected using DeltaV-Seal since installation in 2014. This means that the corrosion-accelerating effects of oxygen within the internal process environment have been managed, which translates to an increased overall lifespan of the piping infrastructure. DeltaV-Seal also requires no periodical re-torquing or gasket replacement for up to 10 years and much lower maintenance costs in the long term.

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