Revolutionary seal, transformative benefits. The DeltaV-Seal is designed to replace Spiral Wound and Kammprofile gaskets, solving the leak challenge once and for all. The result is instant, compelling and measurable business benefits - for all businesses - with enhanced safety, sustainability and economic performance.

This is the power of DeltaV-Seal™


With growing climate threat, awareness and environmental regulation it has never been more important for businesses to protect both their operations and the world around them. DeltaV-Seal™ seals 10,000 times tighter than industry requirements, permanently putting an end to fugitive emissions of greenhouse gases from bolted flanges. From day one this unique sealing technology enables enhanced environmental standards for industrial production processes, helping businesses move towards a sustainable future.



Leaking pipes are leaking pockets. DeltaV-Seal™ will protect and seal your flanges permanently, enabling liquid movement without liquid loss. Its non-resilient capacity, with no need to retighten bolts, leads to considerable savings in maintenance, while complete pipe integrity negates the need for unplanned shutdowns due to flange leaks. The installation of DeltaV-Seal technology is a move every business can profit from.


Health & Safety

There is no safer seal than DeltaV-Seal™. In industrial and hazardous environments, where worker safety is dependent on secure and predictable operations, our technology keeps liquid and gas contained. From highly toxic and corrosive fluids, to explosive gas under high pressure, DeltaV-Seal™ spells an end to fugitive emissions and a new standard for worker safety and environmental care.


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