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Pipeotech AS, Fjaerkleivene 52, 4902 Tvedestrand, Norway

General inquiries

[email protected]

We are looking forward to helping you with all of your questions. You can also visit our HelpDesk, to see if we already have a response to your enquiry. Reach out to us in our chat service and we will get back to you directly. For specific questions related to a specific department, please contact the appropriate department from the list below.

Erlend Berntsen

Direct Sales Manager

+47 404 00 030

[email protected]

Nils Christian Mathiesen

Partner Sales Manager

+47 900 86 455

[email protected]

Geir Stiansen

Logistics Manager

+47 908 79 925

[email protected]

Jonathan Saitzyk

Head of Marketing

+47 413 69 352

[email protected]m

Henrik Sollie

Chief Executive Officer

+47 906 38 332

[email protected]

Elisabeth Lie Wilhelmsen

Corporate Accountant

+47 484 42 455

[email protected]

Front Desk

All inquiries

+47 371 63 000

[email protected]