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Cleaned gaskets within a peroxide system of a chemical processing plant

James Knights on Case Studies · Oct 11, 2022

Ensuring product quality and plant safety with a clean, bespoke, tight, and durable seal. The DeltaV-Seal enabled a manufacturer of peroxide to ensure their product was made safely and was free of contamination.

Ensuring product quality and plant safety with a clean, bespoke, tight, and durable seal

Peroxide is an extremely hazardous chemical, with contaminents causing severe consequences. Pipeotech manufactured our 316L Stainless Steel DeltaV-Seal in bespoke sizes with a reduced inside diameter, and specialist cleaning. With our gasket of the same material as the piping, a reduced inside diameter, and specialist cleaning we ensure our client is able to produce the purest peroxide in safe, reliable conditions. The durable construction of the DeltaV-Seal gasket ensures it can survive cleaning that a traditional spiral wound or Kammprofile gasket would not be able to withstand.

Gasket Cleaning

The special stainess steel DeltaV-Seal™ flange gaskets ensure a longlasting, clean, and durable gas-tight seal. The gaskets were washed at 90 degrees celcius with a detergent to remove loose debris and oil. Once the gaskets were washed they were handed wearing latex gloves and packed within two seperate anti-static heat sealed bags ensuring they arrived at site clean and ready for installation.

Microscope Inspection

To ensure the gaskets were contaminent free a selection of gaskets that had been through the manufacturing and cleaning process were selected for further inspection. The images below show the gasket prior to cleaning, with traces of oil and particles present on the gasket surface.

Once the gaskets had been through the cleaning process all traces of oil and particles were removed as shown by the image below.


With Pipeotech's experienced engineering team developing a bespoke reduced inside diameter gasket and cleaning process we've assisted this client to ensure their peroxide is as pure as possible. In addition to providing a purer product Pipeotech have also provided the client with a safe, emission free, and durable seal.

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