Selected Industries

No industry should tolerate leaks that comes from not taking the best applicable technology in use. Leaks lead to loss of time, money, products, production capacity, and in the worst case, loss of life. The DeltaV-Seal™ offers a new reality for any industrial operations where liquids or gases need to be kept under pressurized control. From the process and energy industries, through to pharmaceuticals, biotech, and food and beverage, DeltaV-Seal™ delivers versatility, durability and complete peace of mind.

Oil & Gas

From upstream to downstream operations the oil and gas industry must constantly monitor pipes and flanges for the leakage of volatile substances. With a complex piping network oil and gas production is faced with thousands of potential micro leaks. The DeltaV-Seal is the sealing solution that satisfies the requirements of the Oil and Gas industry, as it is effectively gas-tight, firesafe, blowout-safe, and tolerates extreme temperature fluctuation.

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Chemical Processing

Every weak or faulty connection presents a threat to a chemical production facility. Potentially caustic, corrosiveness, and deadly substances associated with chemical production bring inherent dangers to a facility and its employees. However, these dangers can grow exponentially whenever there is a risk of a compromise in the piping network. These leak points must be secured utilizing the strongest sealing solution.

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Construction & Shipbuilding

Intricate piping networks within a ship are the veins and arteries of modern ship design. With each pipe and flange transporting essential medium to strategic areas of the ship, security of each potential weak point must be addressed to maximize safety and efficiency. These leak points must be secured utilizing the strongest sealing solutions.

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Power Generation

The reliability of the entire power plant depends on a number of individual parts. The seals, as key components, play an important role. They protect the media in the process from external influences and help prevent emissions. They enhance process reliability, availability and economic viability of the power plant. Pipeotech's next generation seal deliver reliability, safety, and reduced downtime in the power generation industry.

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