Benefits Sustainability

‘Acceptable leaks’ are inacceptable

Leaks are the enemy. Leaks lead to loss of products, profits, time, energy and reputation. In businesses where efficiency, safety and environmental care are more important than ever before the idea of ‘acceptable leaks’ should be inacceptable. Stamp out leaks today for sustainable success tomorrow. Protect your business, protect our environment, with DeltaV-Seal.

Prevent fugitive emissions

Prevent fugitive emissions

A chemical plant or refinery has thousands of potential micro-leaks, called fugitive emissions. Fugitive atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases from oil and gas operations are now becoming subject to regulations. In general, fugitive emissions from oil and gas activities may be attributed to the following primary types of sources: fugitive equipment leaks, process venting, evaporation losses, disposal of waste gas streams (e.g. by venting or flaring), accidents and equipment failures. The environmental efficacy of LNG is also under scrutiny due to the significant energy required to process methane gas into liquid. If these LNG systems also leak methane, they become indefensible in a carbon-constrained world. The DeltaV-Seal will permanently end fugitive emissions from flanges and connections.

Recycling made easy

Recycling made easy

Receive additional ROI while reducing waste with DeltaV-Seal. Thanks to its single metal construction, used seals can be easily recycled, saving you money and saving the environment the additional burden of spent seal disposal. A clear win win - for your business, and for our world.

Long term protection

Long-term protection

The DeltaV-Seal gives you lasting performance, protection and peace of mind. Manufactured from the same metal as the flange it mates with the seal offers unique strength, thanks to reduced torque requirements, and optimal corrosion resistance. The result is piping infrastructure with greatly enhanced durability - meaning less maintenance, less replacements, less waste and more operational security. Just what your business needs.

Lead the way

Become an industry leader in sustainability by utilizing the safest, most efficient, and influential sealing solution that gasket technology has to offer. Get full control of your operations by fully containing volatile organic toxic emissions, protecting your employees and local communities. Polluted water caused by leaks or emissions from gasket failure are eliminated through the superior sealing strengths of the DeltaV-Seal.

'Gastight - oder nichts'

The German air pollution regulation 'TA Luft' is an air quality regulation which has set requirements for emissions, ambient exposures and control methods. Germany based AMTEC GmbH performed the TA Luft Helium test for the DeltaV-Seal in accordance with VDI 2440 guidelines certified it as a 'high-grade sealing system'. It was also certified to seal 10,000 times tighter than industry requirements.