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‘Acceptable leaks’ are unacceptable

Leaks are the enemy. Leaks lead to loss of products, profits, time, energy and reputation. In businesses where efficiency, safety and environmental care are more important than ever before the idea of ‘acceptable leaks’ should be inacceptable. Stamp out leaks today for sustainable success tomorrow. Protect your business, protect our environment, with DeltaV-Seal™.

Prevent fugitive emissions

Prevent fugitive emissions

Fugitive emissions have no place in modern industry. The unplanned leakage of gas and liquids can be damaging to businesses, individuals and the environment – a risk that, in today’s society, will simply not be tolerated. An increasingly stringent regulatory environment demands compliance, with severe penalties for those falling short. From the oil and gas sector to chemical processing, power generation, and more, industrial facilities on and offshore must address micro-leaks, or pay the price. With flanges and connections the ‘usual culprits’ in emissions to air, land and water, effective preventative action is essential. The DeltaV-Seal is the answer, delivering total pipe integrity, zero fugitive emissions, and absolute peace of mind.

Recycling made easy

Save money, save the planet

Reduce waste and increase ROI with the DeltaV-Seal. Thanks to their single metal construction DeltaV-Seals can be easily recycled, delivering cost benefits for businesses while saving the environment from unnecessary waste disposal. Simple, safe, and sustainable savings, for you, for society, for the world.

Long term protection

Enduring quality

The DeltaV-Seal gives you lasting performance, protection and peace of mind. Manufactured from the same metal as the flange it mates with, the seal offers unique strength, thanks to reduced torque requirements, and optimal corrosion resistance. The result is piping infrastructure with greatly enhanced durability - meaning less maintenance, fewer replacements, less waste and more operational security. Just what your business needs.

Putting you in pole position

Sustainability is top of the agenda for industry worldwide. Seize leadership in your segment by installing the one sealing solution that puts a permanent end to unplanned leaks and emissions - safeguarding the environment, protecting people, boosting your business. No more fugitive gas and liquid pollution, no more maintenance concerns, just complete, long-term piping integrity, and optimal environmental standards. DeltaV-Seal, caring for the future, today.

'Gastight - oder nichts'

Germany’s 'TA Luft' is a national air quality regulation that sets standards for emissions, ambient exposures and control methods. In a powerful demonstration of DeltaV-Seal’s ability to not just comply, but far exceed regulatory demands, AMTEC GmbH conducted a TA Luft Helium test in accordance with VDI 2440 guidelines. Pipeotech’s revolutionary solution was certified as a 'high-grade sealing system', sealing an incredible 10,000 times tighter than industry requirements. Total safety, zero pollution. Now, isn’t that a breath of fresh air?