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Engineered to work in hazardous environments

The integrity of industrial piping is important to businesses but absolutely critical for worker safety. With the transportation of high-pressure liquids and gases - often at extreme temperatures, many of which are toxic or hazardous in nature - workers have to know that what is in the pipes stays in the pipes. Leaks can not be tolerated. Only the best solutions will do for your people. DeltaV-Seal™ won’t let you, or them, down.

Blow out safe

Blow-out safe

Blow-out resistance is reliant on a number of factors that affect a gasket’s tensile strength. These include: clamping force, flange surface texture, temperature, gasket creep resistance, joint rigidity, and internal pressure. Manufactured from a single piece of metal to match the material specifications of your flange, DeltaV-Seal effectively removes the weakest point in a flange assembly. As a result, the seal will never degrade or change properties during its operational lifecycle. In addition, this revolutionary technology will not suffer from performance degradation when transitioning from cryogenic conditions to scorching temperatures, and it will never require re-torquing.

Fire safe

Fire safe

Fires are the number one risk for a broad range of chemical plants and refinery facilities. These operations, which handle large quantities of flammable liquids and gases, must rely on the total integrity of their piping infrastructure. The DeltaV-Seal performs in accordance with the highest industry standards, as demonstrated by its API 6FB Fire Safety certification. This ensures that the threat of fire or explosion caused by seal failure is now effectively a thing of the past.

Eliminate ATEX zones

Eliminate ATEX zones

Explosive atmospheres can be caused by flammable gases, mists, or vapors. If there is enough of the substance, mixed with air, then all it needs is a source of ignition to cause an explosion. The DeltaV-Seal is constructed such that it maintains enhanced tightness during the lifetime due to its design, and ensures performance against leakage. By installing the DeltaV-Seal, the user of the equipment can perform a risk assessment to demonstrate the absence of any releases, and eliminate the ATEX zone.

Stop VOC leaks

Fugitive emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a growing concern for oil and gas facilities (including petrochemical and chemical plants, FPSOs, offshore platforms, etc.) These emissions are mostly composed of thousands of micro-leaks, seeping out from equipment such as valves, flanges and pumps. You can put a stop to flange leaks, safeguarding your business, workers and the surrounding environment, with DeltaV-Seal. Total security for today, tomorrow and the future is sealed.

Control toxins

Exposure to harmful substances in the workplace is a leading cause of industrial deaths. DeltaV-Seal gives you the power to control dangerous products and chemicals, with a gas-tight seal that is as resistant to highly corrosive or toxic gases and liquids as the pipes themselves. Take control of safety with DeltaV-Seal.