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Galvanic Corrosion Cells in bolted flange joints with Metallic Gasket

COMSOL Multiphysics FEA Modelling of Gasketed Bolted Flange Joints

James Knights on News · Jul 08, 2024

Imagine a future where in extreme environments it is possible to model and simulate a gaskets performance and know the lifetime of a bolted flange joint, sealed with a DeltaV-Seal. Pipeotech's Engineering and Technical team have been working to make the modelling and simulation of a gasket a possibility. Being able to simulate the performance of a bolted flange joint, and provide a defined lifetime has huge financial benefit to industry, maximising the time between turnarounds, extracting maximum value from their assets.

Pipeotech's Chief Technology Officer Jan Oredsson, supported in part by SkatteFUNN, has been utilizing COMSOL Multiphysics software to effectively simulate standard laboratory gasket compression testing as well as during the assembly of a bolted flange joints containing a DeltaV-Seal. Excitingly the software enables Jan, an extremely experienced corrosion engineer, to model and simulate galvanic corrosion when using a DeltaV-Seal. These advances as detailed in the linked paper will enable equipment operators to define the lifetime of the bolted flange joints - unlocking huge savings in maintenance.

You can learn more about the future, and the future huge benefits to industry by reading Pipeotech's CTO Jan Oredsson's thesis here: Multiphysics FEA modelling of gasketed bolted flange joints

Want to learn more about how the DeltaV-Seal already enables operators to extract maximum value from their assets?

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