DeltaV-Seal in the world

Our basic design philosophy aims to exceed customer expectations, industry and safety standards.  The ease and flexibility of using DeltaV-Seal™ together with the certified credentials have made it installed in virtually every industrial sector.  

The exceptional abilities to endure temperature changes have made DeltaV-Seal™ a choice where high temperature and steam is used, for process industries as well as heat exchangers, bioenergy and district heating systems.  Also, a high-end sealing solution for low temperature, cryogenic and LNG/LPG industry.

Same material as the piping permits DeltaV-Seal™ to be used in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Dairy and Food & Beverage industries to seal connections in sanitary pipe lines.

Being fire & blow out safe as well as gas tight, the DeltaV-Seal™ reduces fugitive emissions and increase safety for oil & gas industries, refineries and chemical plants.

DeltaV-Seal™ is used and specified by customers focusing on safety, flange management and total cost control worldwide.  Please see some selected references for information.


"we are very happy with their sealing products and customer service"

Morten Helgesen, Enwa PMI AS



We have used PIPEOTECHs carbon steel sealings in one of our projects (Fortum Oslo Varme AS, Oslo) where the client were to upgrade from oil to bio diesel on three of their district heating centrals in Oslo.
The sealings were installed and the bolts were torqued according to PIPEOTECHs torque tables. The result of this is that per today we have not had any single leakage, not even after the centrals have been put in regular operation, and as a consequence had no reason to spend any time on re-torquing any flange bolts.



"DeltaV-Seal is the preferred seal for us and our clients on all LNG pipelines"

Jacob Stebekk, Sales Manager / Project Manager, Intergas AS


intergas as and PIPEOTECH AS

Intergas and Pipeotech have worked together since 2015 in LNG operations dealing with the challenges of extreme temperature variations. Intergas has designed, engineered and built several LNG applications using the DeltaV-Seal and reports “no leaks during start-up and operations”. The DeltaV-Seal is of the same material as the flanges and pipelines, it contracts and expands like the flange and pipe, which makes it completely sealed at all times.