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Pipeotech recruits Andrew J. Patrick as new Head of Business Development

Geir Otto Amundsen on News · Oct 05, 2020

Pipeotech is looking to “supercharge” its global growth with the recruitment of Andrew Patrick to the new role of Head of Business Development. Patrick, previously EVP Global Sales at Clock Spring NRI, joins the Norwegian headquartered firm with the remit of building awareness, and revenues, for Pipeotech’s revolutionary DeltaV-Seal™, the world’s tightest, safest and most durable sealing solution.

Pipeotech launched the unique DeltaV-Seal in 2015, setting a new standard for the sealing niche with a product that is 100% leak-proof, gas-tight, fire and blow out safe. Once installed it never needs re-tightening, saving on expensive maintenance and facility downtime, will not disintegrate and is capable of withstanding any operational temperature (both high and cryogenic).

Total integrity

It will now be Patrick’s job, CEO Henrik Sollie explains, to take these core messages to the market – pushing the seal in segments ranging from oil and gas, to chemical processing, maritime, pharmaceuticals, food and drink production, and more.

“With the DeltaV-Seal we have a one-of-a-kind industry offering and, we’re pleased to say, we think we have the same in our newest senior recruit Andrew,” Sollie says. “Over the course of 25 years with Clock Spring he has built invaluable expertise in all aspects of pipeline engineering – especially integrity and repair – and an industry contact list and network that is second to none.

“That is the kind of pedigree we need to really supercharge our growth at Pipeotech, communicating the core benefits of the DeltaV-Seal to customers targeting safer, more sustainable and profitable operations, with absolutely zero fugitive emissions. It’s great to have Andrew on board.”

Rewriting the rulebook

Pipeotech’s latest recruit will be working from the UK with a global brief, utilising his expertise to push the CNC-manufactured one-piece metal gasket to any industrial customers transporting liquids or gases through pipe infrastructure.

“This is a genuine breakthrough solution,” Patrick comments. “It rewrites the rules of pipeline engineering, making integrity simple, safe and long-term, thus delivering compelling customer benefits. I’m looking forward to both sharing my industry know-how with the team and explaining to the market how DeltaV-Seal can transform facility operations. It is time to move Pipeotech on to the next level. This an incredibly exciting prospect, and I can’t wait to get started.”

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