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Corrosion and integrity specialist Jan Oredsson joins Pipeotech

Geir Otto Amundsen on News · Dec 02, 2020

Pipeotech has sealed the deal on an exciting new addition to its team by bringing in internationally recognized pipeline integrity and corrosion expert Jan Oredsson.

Oredsson has extensive experience in leading positions in the pipeline engineering sector, including working on large offshore projects for BP. His detailed knowledge of pipeline and process integrity is the perfect fit for Pipeotech as it drives forward delivering permanent leak-proof seals to industry, improving safety and cutting costs.

Pinnacle of his field

The Swedish national joins the Pipeotech team as a Corrosion and Integrity Management Specialist and will work very closely with Chief Technical Officer Jarle Ribler and Design and Product Engineer Christoffer Naess.

His main role at Pipeotech will be to back up the impressive claim that the DeltaV-Seal™ is now the tightest, safest and most durable flange gasket in the world.

Pipeotech chief executive Henrik Sollie says

"In early 2019 we formed the 'Gas-tight / Ten years task force'. As we were breaking new ground and challenging the status quo, we needed to create a team with diverse levels of expertise, consisting of proven problem solvers of the highest caliber. It became obvious to the initial task force that we needed to include an authority within corrosion management to lead our chemical test program. Thanks to a chance encounter at an event organised by Energy Invented, we were introduced to Jan.

When the warranty was launched this October, we realized during evaluation how important Jan had been for the process, and how essential his knowledge could be in ongoing and future development projects. When we asked if Jan would consider coming work for us on a permanent basis, it took a week and we had agreed to all formalities.

On a personal level, I find it extremely inspiring to have access to Jan’s professionalism, creativity, and problem-solving mindset. Jan’s experience as Director for Exova, leading a small team to growth and success, also gives him a unique understanding and holistic view of what is needed when growing a company.''

– Besides perhaps being Scandinavia’s leading authority in his field, Jan has in-depth knowledge on how to run successful “start-up, stay-up” driven projects from within oil and gas organizations, a skillset that has already proven to be very valuable for clients in early pre-FEED/FEED stages.

Henrik Sollie, CEO, Pipeotech


Oredsson says: ''This silver coin has two sides for me, the people and the product. Pipeotech has inspiring leadership who will push me to exceed expectations both in the office and on my bike."

''The company is working with an innovative and unique technology and I have been given a meaningful opportunity to make a difference in developing this further for a better future with reduced emissions.''

Field expertise

Corrosion and integrity issues have been a major problem across a wide range of pipeline uses throughout the world and Oredsson has been immersed in the field of pipeline integrity since graduating with an MSc in Materials Technology & Corrosion Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

He has worked in the subsea, offshore and onshore energy sectors with lead roles in South Stream Transport, Greystones Subsea and supermajor BP delivering key pipeline integrity management strategies on large projects off Norway and the UK and onshore in the Middle East.

Absolute Integrity

There is no doubt Ordesson is the perfect fit for a company geared up to transform standards for industrial piping, protecting people and environments and cutting costs for business.

Oredsson’s reputation does go before him as he is also in demand as a professional trainer for in-house and public training courses.

He has managed to combine passing on his knowledge to a new generation with his professional career, but he is far from done with innovation.

''After leaving the corporate world after 40 years I really did not see this coming, but here I am starting a new a chapter in my professional career with Pipeotech,'' Oredsson says. ''To all my old and existing colleagues out there - it is never too late!''

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