A new dawn for industrial piping. Pipeotech has extended its unrivalled customer support with the introduction of the sealing industry's first and only long-term performance guarantee. This warranty is a significant leap for the sealing industry as it combines and guarantees two important factors for the first time. Tightness & time.

With DeltaV-Seal™ we now warrant

  • A guaranteed tightness level upon installation enabling the sealing industry’s lowest leakage rates.

  • That the connection can stay tight for a pre-determined period without any retorquing or replacement. (Period dependant on full process conditions analysis)

Why is this so significant?


To properly discuss the significance of this development we have to talk about the status-quo, whereby gaskets are often viewed as a consumable product that will inevitably leak or fail over time. This requires constant rounds of expensive maintenance and replacement over the lifetime of the pipeline.

Loss of tightness

With existing technology, the inevitable deterioration of filler materials, galvanic corrosion, and loss of tightness from temperature fluctuations also give rise to the unacceptable phenomenon of ‘acceptable leakage’, which is currently to blame for millions of tonnes of harmful emissions each year.

Our solution

DeltaV-Seal solves these issues and for the first time offers something with guaranteed tightness coupled with being maintenance-free - an irresistible mix, leading to safer, greener and more profitable pipelines.

Designed to last

Simple design

The secret behind the longevity of DeltaV-Seal vs. existing technology lies with its unique, yet simple design. As one solid piece of metal, made from the same material as the connecting flanges, DeltaV-Seal matches the movement of the flange through any temperature fluctuations, contracting and expanding in seamless unity.


Once sealed, the connection is resistant to vibration, pressure pulses, and galvanic corrosion throughout its lifetime creating a permanent, static and gas-tight metal-to-metal partnership.

– We have always been confident that DeltaV-Seal represented a solution for long-term pipeline integrity, now our customers can share in that confidence and benefit from fewer leakages, less accidents and significantly lower pipeline OPEX.

Andrew Patrick, CEO, Pipeotech

Leading from the front

Backing up our warranty is a rigorous series of laboratory and real-world tests conducted with recognized and respected industry authorities, Amtec and DNVGL. DeltaV-Seal was the first and to date, the only recipient of type approval from DNVGL, due to a combination of its outstanding leakage and longevity performance.

Throughout other standardized testing procedures such as EN-13555 and Shell MESC SPE 35/300, DeltaV-Seal also exhibited elite-class results. When you combine all these superlative defying results you build up a picture of a seal that not only gets extremely tight but stays tight for years.

Tests and certifications

  • DNV GL Type Approval

  • EN-13555

  • Shell MESC SPE 35/300

  • Elite-class results