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Leaks are the enemy. Leaks lead to loss of products, profits, time, energy and reputation. In businesses where efficiency, safety and environmental care are more important than ever before the idea of ‘acceptable leaks’ should be inacceptable. Stamp out leaks today for sustainable success tomorrow. Protect your business, protect our environment, with DeltaV-Seal™.

Leakage Test Comparison

EN 13555*

1.00E-04 1.00E-03 1.00E-02 1.00E-05 1.00E-06 1.00E-07 1.00E-08 1.00E-09 50 125 150 175 200 225 250 Vapour tight Bacteria tight Fuel and oil tight Virus tight Gas tight Leakage Rate mg/(s*m) → Gasket force [kN] → 25 100 DeltaV - Seal™ Spiral wound Kammprofile DeltaV - seal A : Gas tight | B : Virus tight | C : Fuel and oil tight D : Bacteria tight | E : Vapour tight Spiral wound Kammprofile 1.00E- 04 1.00E- 03 1.00E- 02 1.00E- 05 1.00E- 06 1.00E- 07 1.00E- 08 1.00E- 09 25 100 150 200 250 ↑ Leakage Rate Gasket force [kN] ) → E D C B A
Industry average Top competitors


Average spiral wound

21000 × More Leakage

Industry average spiral wound gaskets leak over 21000× more than DeltaV-Seal

21000 × More Leakage

Average Kammprofile

14000 × More Leakage

Industry average Kammprofile gaskets leak over 14000× more than DeltaV-Seal

14000 × More Leakage
Industry average Top competitors
Jan DVS 1

"Through extensive laboratory and real-world testing, Pipeotech can now confidently state that DeltaV-Seal technology exhibits the tightest sealing properties and lowest leakage rates available for pipeline connections today. When combined with our industry-first long-term performance guarantee, we believe that these proven properties should enable companies within the global process industry to take the leap needed to become safer, more profitable and environmentally sustainable."

Jan Oredsson, CTO, Pipeotech

*EN 13555 is a European standard for a series of tests that can enable 'type testing' and proper comparison of gasket properties. One of these tests is a standardized leakage rate test. The EN 13555 leakage rate data used in our analysis was collated from the gasketdata.org database which represents the most trusted and reliable public data source available for the sealing industry. Industry average figures were calculated using a sample of seven random spiral wound and seven random kammprofile datasets and plotting the average loading curve. The 'Top competitor' data is the spiral wound and kammprofile data with the lowest EN 13555 loading curve leakage rates in the entire database.

**Key leakage figures were calculated by comparing the EN 13555 leakage data at 40% of bolt yield (a typically recommended torque amount) for each of the applicable datasets.

***The DeltaV-Seal loading curve data represented on this graph comes from a single EN 13555 test conducted by Amtech in early 2020 on a 316L stainless steel variant of DeltaV-Seal.

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