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Reducing ATEX zoning within a biogas plant

Local regulation of a biogas plant in Western Europe required ATEX zoning. Utilizing several technical standards including EN1127, EN1591, and Pipeotech's extensive library of product testing, it has been possible to reduce the ATEX zoning around the bolted flange joints from ATEX zone 1, to ATEX zone 2 using the DeltaV-Seal flange gasket.

The biogas plant took waste potato skins and food waste and digested these creating methane gas and other by-products. The methane gas created is then utilized cooking the factories products, reducing energy costs. In accordance with local laws the area around the biogas plant had to be managed as an ATEX zone, in order to reduce operating and maintenance costs it was desireable to reduce the ATEX zone to the lowest zone possible.

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With the emission rate of a DeltaV-Seal so low, and the DeltaV-Seal being demonstrated as tight and durable it was possible to reduce the ATEX zone from zone 1 to zone 2. You can learn more about how the DeltaV-Seal can remove ATEX zones by downloading the case study below.

CASE STUDY - Download Here

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