Pipeotech licenses DeltaV-Seal technology to Clock Spring

Tvedestrand, Norway, Jan. 11, 2018 - In a strategic effort to expand market presence, Pipeotech the global leader in next-generation, leak-proof sealing technologies has announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with Clock Spring Company Inc. (Clock Spring), permitting the technology behind the revolutionary DeltaV-Seal to be licensed, developed, and produced by Clock Spring. This agreement enables both respected companies the ability to produce and market this next-gen, smart sealing technology to the industrial marketplace, effectively expanding the product presence to new prospective clients.

– "Through this licensing agreement, we are extending the reach of this product to empower more companies to reduce fugitive emissions"

Henrik Sollie, CEO, Pipeotech AS

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Pipeotech is pleased to have Clock Spring as a sales, marketing, and manufacturing partner to drive penetration of this zero-emissions technology into key regions in the oil and gas and industrial sectors,” Henrik Sollie, CEO, PIPEOTECH. “Through this licensing agreement, we are extending the reach of this product to empower more companies to reduce fugitive emissions.”

Based on the highly innovative, leak-proof technology of the DeltaV-Seal,™ the zero-emissions Full Metal Gasket™" features the same proprietary, V-shaped rings in order to achieve sealing strengths exceeding 10,000 times stronger than the requirements of the Oil and Gas Industry. This joint sealing technology utilizes a triple-V-ring system to compress and conform to the surface of a flange, completely eliminating emissions. This also enables a complete connection to be achieved, even at pre-torqured specifications equal to 17 Nm (35% of required Statoil torque for sheet gaskets). Through advanced CNC machining methods, the DeltaV-Seal™ and Full Metal Gasket™ are milled out of a single metal billet. This ensures the highest and most consistent levels of product quality, as well as reliability. In order to eliminate emissions caused by loss of sealing pressure during temperature fluctuation, all seals are manufactured from the same metal type as the connecting flange. This enables the seal and flange to expand and contract in unison, maintaining maximum sealing strength through a full range of temperature fluctuation.

Like the other offerings in our portfolio, this metal-to-metal gasket is a highly engineered solution that supports the maintenance and repair of critical infrastructure and helps Clock Spring deliver better environmental stewardship in the industry,” Matthew Boucher, CEO, Clock Spring. “The gasket provides a key solution our industrial oil and gas customer are asking for to reduce fugitive emissions in their operations."

By being highly cost effective, as well as durable, this metal-to-metal gasket technology presents significant improvements to both up and downstream operations in refineries, petrochemical plants, and terminals. Since 2015 this next-gen sealing technology has been tested and proven in real world operating conditions by current Pipeotech clients. As adoption of this technology continues to grow, it will no doubt continue to impress and add value to all those who use it by delivering the only permanent, leak-free seal solution to the Oil and Gas Industry, remaining durable for decades.

Delta V-Seal Flange gasket

About Pipeotech
Based in Tvedestrand, Norway, Pipeotech is a private, limited company and are the pioneers of the revolutionary DeltaV-Seal sealing technology for pipe connections worldwide. As a subsidiary of Otechos AS, (an innovator in next-generation, eco-friendly machine technology), Pipeotech pushes the engineering envelope to deliver the next-generation of smart sealing technologies. These can be utilized in any industry in order to match the requirement for highly robust, leak-free sealing solutions.

About Clock Spring
Clock Spring simplifies asset stewardship and helps drive global economies by providing safe, sustainable solutions for maintenance and emergency repair of critical infrastructure, including oil, gas, product, and water pipelines, natural gas distribution lines, and high-consequence industrial pipe works. Our composite pipe repair and inline insertion valves have been deployed in 75 countries by installers trained and certified by Clock Spring. Clock Spring solutions include the innovative Snap Wrap, Contour, and DiamondWrap® composite products, the award-winning AVT EZ Valve™ for water and gas lines, and the recently introduced Full Metal Gasket™ for emission-free sealing of flange locations. All Clock Spring products are easy to install, cost-effective to deploy, and durable for decades.

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