Fugitive Emissions Have an Impact on Health, Safety and the Environment


Fugitive emissions are mostly composed of thousands of micro-leaks seeping out from equipment such as valves, flanges and pumps and are a growing concern in LNG/LPG, petrochemical and chemical plants, FPSO, offshore platforms, etc.

As well as the economic cost of lost commodities, fugitive emissions contribute to air pollution and climate change and have an impact on health, safety and the environment. Emissions of volatile organic compounds pose a long-term health risk to workers and local communities. Where flammable liquids and gases are contained under pressure, leaks also increase the risk of fire and explosion.

A way to reduce fugitive emissions are to focus on the piping systems weakest link, the connections and the gaskets, where a leakage normally occur.

Gas Tight Seals

PIPEOTECH deliver a revolutionary and proved sealing technology for pipe connections, the DeltaV-Seal™. The metal seal creates a static connection verified to resist mechanical stress and vibrations while enduring pressure pulses. Awarded the first ever DNV-GL type approval certificate for gaskets/seals

The DeltaV-Seal™ unique sealing technology is verified to reduce fugitive emissions dramatically. TA Luft Helium test (VDI 2440) for low emission proved that DeltaV-Seal™ seals tighter than the requirements describing “gas-tight” solutions (10,000 times tighter than the requirement). Certified by AMTEC.

Concrete Benefits

The DeltaV-Seal™ is an all metal, one-piece gas tight seal. It is robust and easy to handle and its non-resilient metal-to-metal performance obviates the need for re-tightening bolts after installation. Galvanic corrosion is avoided as the DeltaV-Seal™ is in the same material as the flanges.

The DeltaV-Seal™ is delivered to several international standards, pressure classes and materials. Key products are in stock and special solutions are made to meet our customers’ requirements.

PIPEOTECH is a subsidiary of OTECHOS AS in Norway and market inter­nationally the sealing products developed by OTECHOS Technology Group.

In addition to sealing products, OTECHOS is developing the highly advanced Centric Reciprocating Technology platform which includes the CRE - a totally new combustion engine technology, the CRC - a new compressor, the CRR – a new waste heat regenerator and the CRP – a new pump technology. In 2017, OTECHOS was granted EU’s Horizon 2020 SME Research & Innovation program, 2. level for its CRC compressor technology which can be called «The Oscar of Research & Innovation».