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Pipeotech recruits Ribler and targets global growth for unique DeltaV-Seal™

Peter Barter
Peter Barter on News · Oct 28, 2019

Pipeotech, the manufacturer of the world’s first type approved, 100% leak-proof seal, has appointed Jarle Ribler, previously of Otto Olsen AS and Aker Engineering, to head its sales function. Ribler will now be working alongside CEO Henrik Sollie to push the cost, safety and environmental benefits of the revolutionary DeltaV-Seal out to a broad spectrum of industries worldwide.

– “Jarle has over 25 years experience within this niche”

Henrik Sollie, CEO, Pipeotech

Norway’s Pipeotech has developed a sealing solution like no other. CNC manufactured from the same metal as the flanges it mates with, the DeltaV-Seal permanently seals pipes, with no need for re-tightening, no disintegration, no blow-out or fire risk, no safety issues, and absolutely no leaks. Sollie believes it is the solution a broad range of industries – from oil and gas, through to chemical processing, maritime and food and drink production, to name a few – have been waiting for. Ribler, he says, will help the firm connect with them.

Senior Sales Engineer

Dedicated to deliver

“He has proven expertise of designing sealing solutions for the most demanding environments, but also – through product manager and KAM roles – a keen understanding of what clients want, how to build relationships with them, and, importantly, how to deliver optimal levels of service and product satisfaction.

He is sharp, personable and meticulous when it comes to detail, immersing himself in industrial challenges to identify the best solutions, time after time. He will be a real asset to the growing Pipeotech team, helping us target a host of key sectors and deliver on the huge potential of the DeltaV-Seal.”

– “DeltaV-Seal is a compelling proposition, delivering tangible benefits for all stakeholders"

Jarle Ribler, Senior Sales Engineer, Pipeotech

Benefits for all

Ribler will be based out of Pipeotech’s recently opened offices at Fornebu, Oslo, building on the firm’s existing headquarters at Tvedestrand, Southern Norway. He says of the new role:

“DeltaV-Seal is a compelling proposition, delivering tangible benefits for all stakeholders. It helps businesses put an end to fugitive leaks once and for all – boosting productivity, profit and efficiency. At the same time it enhances safety standards, protecting people, and, something more important now than ever, it also safeguards the environment; cutting down on pollution, emissions and the carbon footprints of industrial facilities.

– “As such it is a hugely exciting opportunity – both for me and our existing and prospective customers. I’ll be aiming to turn that opportunity into results, building Pipeotech into an accepted world leader in this specialist industry niche.”

Long-term performance

The DeltaV-Seal was approved by DNV GL in 2015. A one-piece metal gasket, it adapts to fit to flanges when installed forming a perfect seal between pipes that, unlike standard ductile seals, will not change properties or disintegrate over time. With the ability to withstand both cryogenic conditions and extreme high temperatures, it is versatile, durable and delivers long-term safety without compromise.

DeltaV-Seal is currently used in a variety of industrial applications for customers operating chemical plants, oil & gas facilities, refineries and other sites where piping, and business, integrity is paramount.

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