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Henrik Sollie Delta V Seal

Pipeotech appoints Sollie as CEO

Peter Barter
Peter Barter on News · Aug 23, 2018

Norway’s Pipeotech, the manufacturer of the world’s first type-approved, 100% leak-proof seal, has signaled a new phase in its development with the appointment of Henrik Sollie as CEO. Sollie replaces company founder Tor Arne Hauge, who will now devote his energies to running Pipeotech parent firm Otechos Technology Group. The new CEO will focus on building awareness and sales of the groundbreaking DeltaV-Seal™ across a diverse range of industry segments.

Approved by DNV GL in 2015, DeltaV-Seal™ is both simple and unique. A one-piece metal gasket, it adapts to fit to flanges when installed forming a perfect seal between pipes that, unlike standard ductile seals, will not change properties or disintegrate over time. With the ability to withstand both cryogenic conditions and extreme high temperatures, it is versatile, durable and delivers safety without compromise.

– "We have an outstanding innovation in DeltaV-Seal™ and now, in Henrik, we have an individual with the experience, energy and determination to ensure its benefits are communicated to, and adopted by, the multiple markets we’re targeting."

Tor Arne Hauge, CEO, Otechos Technology Group

“Any business focused on moving liquids without spillage or damage to the environment, and with optimal safety and cost control, can benefit from this technology. That presents huge commercial opportunity, but also a significant marketing challenge. Henrik has all the attributes to help convert that potential into tangible business results. We’re delighted to have him on board,” said Hauge.

Sollie is perhaps best known for his 12 years as Marketing Director of performance vessel manufacturer Goldfish Boat, although he has a broad range of commercial experience, including launching the luxury Greek bed brand Coco-Mat into Norway. He sees the move into Pipeotech as an obvious one, despite the change of industry.

Henrik Sollie CEO

– “I’ve always been drawn to companies that stand out from the crowd – those that have the imagination and innovation to do things differently, challenging the status quo,” he explains.

Henrik Sollie, CEO, Pipeotech AS

“Pipeotech is the perfect example of a pioneer within its segment, creating a completely new technology that can deliver benefits for everyone from the process and energy industries, through to pharmaceuticals, biotech, and food and beverage producers, to name a few.

“This is a revolutionary product that will change how industry views the idea of ‘acceptable leakage’. Bringing such an innovation to market is a dream. I’ll be looking to assist and help lead the already excellent team we have in place here, while persuading decision makers in the marketplace that this simple product can have a transformational impact on their businesses. I can’t wait to get started.”

DeltaV-Seal™ is CNC manufactured for the utmost precision. Alongside its sealing integrity and long-term durability, it is gas tight, and blow out and fire safe, making it ideal for the oil & gas industries, refineries and chemical plants.

Pipeotech and parent firm Otechos are based in Tvedestrand, southern Norway.

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