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Pipeotech and CT4 announce strategic partnership

Peter Barter
Peter Barter on News · May 04, 2020

Pipeotech is pleased to announce that the completion of successful partnership negotiations between Pipeotech and Brazilian technology specialists CT4 (Centro de Tecnologia 4.0 LLC). Effective immediately, CT4 in the role of consultant, will be tasked with helping deliver DeltaV-Seal™ to the Brazilian market.

CT4 invests resources in the research, development and introduction of new products, services and processes within the Brazilian industry, increasing efficiency and operational safety, resulting in cost reductions for the oil and gas, energy and process industries.

Farley headshot

Farley Vilaça

With headquarters in the bustling Botafogo district of Rio De Janero, CT4 is headed up by veteran industry player Farley Vilaça.

Throughout his 40-year career in a broad spectrum of engineering roles, Farley has worked intensively with the development and deployment of new technologies for companies in heavy Industry including AEG-Modicon, Rockwell, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, USData and General Electric.

Between 2012 to 2018, as GE´s R&D director for oil & gas, Farley was involved in setting up important agreements for technical collaboration with EQUINOR, PETROBRAS, SHELL, GALP, TOTAL and REPSOL to develop and qualify new products/services for use in the Brazilian continental shelf. Now at CT4 and working closely with experienced project manager Danielle Ferreira, Farley is continuing the trend of innovation by working in alliance with international technology-based companies with solutions that can increase efficiency and reduce costs in the Brazilian oil & gas industry.

Pipeotech CEO Henrik Sollie says

"Brazil is an important territory for Pipeotech and DeltaV-Seal so it was important to form a strong relationship with the right partner on the ground. The team at CT4 are well connected and have a great track record in helping to birth new and innovative products into the local market, so we are confident and excited in this new partnership."

CT4 CEO Farley Vilaça says

"Use of established sealing technology usually results in consequential costs associated with lost production and expensive maintenance routines. DeltaV-Seal from Pipeotech is an amazing response on how to solve a complex problem at the source, saving money from the beginning.

Brazil is going through a new period of growth and expansion, meaning the building of new facilities which must be competitive and efficient enough to succeed and thrive in the worldwide market. I believe the introduction of DeltaV-Seal to Brazil can play an important role in achieving this."


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