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Pipeotech allies with PM International Suppliers, LLC in North America

Peter Barter
Peter Barter on News · May 19, 2020

Pipeotech has reached a close cooperation agreement with Florida-based firm PM International Suppliers LLC to help introduce DeltaV-Seal™ gasket technology to the North American market.

PM International Suppliers, LLC is a Florida-based company supplying exotic materials and forms to several industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, Geothermal, and Water Treatment. With 35 years’ experience, the company is known for its expertise and extensive success in meeting challenging and complex product demands. President & CEO Petter Madsen, himself a Norwegian, understands well that a flange is only as strong as the seal, and is excited about the game-changing value proposition DeltaV-Seal delivers.

– This is a product you simply can’t afford to ignore

Petter Madsen, CEO, PM International Suppliers LLC

Pipeotech has engineered a revolutionary metal-to-metal gasket that will solve a myriad of problems from leaks to corrosion, downtime, and risk management,” he says. Having transferred knowledge gained from the Norwegian oil environment to serving American industries with great success, Petter appreciates the high engineering skills typical of Norwegian technology developers and is convinced of the potential of DeltaV-Seal in the North American market. “This is a product you simply can’t afford to ignore,” Petter says.

Pipeotech CEO Henrik Sollie said of the partnership, "Petter is a long time friend and supporter of Pipeotech so the new closer relationship with PM International Suppliers LLC feels very natural. Having this presence on the ground should greatly accelerate the growth trajectory of DeltaV-Seal in North America. With Petter and his team, we gain an experienced, well connected, and trustworthy industry ally that is completely aligned with our goals and can help to secure access to key decision-makers and further partners in the region."


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